ISBN 978-9915-42-352-4

Who said CAT?
The Adventures of Queen Brownie

Autor:Cabral Pere, Iris Elizabeth
Editorial:Cabral Pere, Iris Elizabeth
Materia:En inglés
Clasificación:Ficción infantil y juvenil: aventuras e historias interactivas
Público objetivo:Infantil / Juvenil
Número de edición:1
Número de páginas:86
Encuadernación:Tapa blanda o bolsillo


Who said CAT? The Adventures of Queen Brownie

Literary work by the Uruguayan author, Iris Elizabeth Cabral.

Inside this book you will find QR codes to scan and meet the protagonist of this story. It also has two important drawings to color because they are about the characters that make this adventure possible.

Parents will have the opportunity to read to their children and share a pleasant, curious and entertaining time.

They will be unforgettable and wonderful moments for their children, which will allow them to share valuable moments between laughter and expressions, which the author emphasizes in the book, so that it is read in a fun way.

Coloring will allow your children to connect better with the story, have a more entertaining time and use the techniques they chose, to express themselves through color.

They will meet the cat from this adventure and they will be able to color him and draw his cat-like whiskers.

"Who said cat? ",tells one of the many Adventures of Queen Brownie, a "cat-sized" dog to whom something very particular happens when she hears that word: "CAT."

Oops! Oh no... that word again!

It is a true and very funny story, where you must be very careful NOT to name the word cat, so that "Queenie", (as we call her) does not react again and again to what you will discover in the story.

It's just that when Queen hears that word, she can't help herself...!

Dedicated to children, not so children and animal lovers, the author leaves a message remembering the importance of being responsible with our pets, both in their daily care and in love.

Queen Brownie came into the lives of Iris Elizabeth Cabral and her family at just two months old, bringing a lot of joy to the home.

She is very affectionate and has never bitten anyone. Very obedient and intelligent, he has the talent of detecting people with diabetes and barking when she senses high levels of sugar in the person's blood.

That makes her a service dog, or more accurately an “alert dog” due to her size. Such instinct is innate to her.

Now that you know a little more about "Queenie", I leave you with the challenge to NOT mention the ord “CAT.” Just in case, if during this reading, the word "CAT" comes to your thoughts.

Oops! It seems that Queen heard me say: CAT!

What will happen to her now? Do you want to know?

I invite you to find out by reading this Queen Brownie adventures.


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