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Feelings: emotions from heart to heart
Stories & poems

Autor:Cabral Pere, Iris Elizabeth
Editorial:Cabral Pere, Iris Elizabeth
Materia:En inglés
Público objetivo:Jóvenes adultos
Número de edición:1
Número de páginas:122
Encuadernación:Tapa dura o cartoné


“FEELINGS: Emotions from Heart to Heart”, a work by the Uruguayan writer Iris Elizabeth Cabral, arises thinking about crises, where the author, through burning stories, will make you travel into the interior of your being, mobilizing Emotions and Feelings and whose final destination will be to reach each reader Heart to Heart.
It calls for reflection to understand the difference between Emotions and Feelings; although the line between the two is very narrow, the difference is in the intensity with which they remain in your life.
While emotions are ephemeral and fleeting, feelings can last a lifetime, just like Love, which she constantly names as the Most Powerful Force in the Universe because she really considers it to be so and has no limits in its healing power.
Veiled in their stories, you will also find the importance of not assuming because when we assume we can make mistakes and hurt others, breaking trust.
The author personifies actions and feelings like you have never read before.
Slowly you will be taken on a roller coaster of emotions that will be softened with some poems.
So… fasten your seatbelt! , because you will go up and down like life itself from the moment they knock on the door and you delve into different emotions when you face Love.
You will get to know Patience up close, who is present during all the stories.
You will see that in the middle of the book a lot of superfluous emotions and other very primitive ones take action.
You will face Envy, Jealousy and Fear who is also present on more than one occasion with the Intention, to not allow them to move forward and you will understand the importance of taking action in time. Simply because life is one.
Through poems it will place you at different times of the day where sunrise and sunset play a fundamental role in the stories, as well as the Romantic Moon, a fundamental piece in every poem.
Possibly this book touches some delicate fibers of your Being and you feel identified in some passages with the internal struggle that is sometimes generated in human beings between Want and Duty.
But Relief appears and does its job when necessary.
The author will take you by the hand to walk the fine line between Truth and Lies, Honesty and Hypocrisy.
It will make you think and you will recognize the importance of always taking care of your partner and that they also take care of you because Patience has its limits.
You will realize the sublime nature of Love, the beauty of simple things that will make forgotten I love yous and pamperings resurface so that you keep the flame of the bonfire of your love always burning, just like Lord Fire.
You will face the internal struggle of Love to survive despite the years and despite the damage.
Iris Elizabeth Cabral gives value to crises because far from feeling that they are a danger, she considers them tools of transformation, personal growth and resilience capable of generating opportunities for change in our lives so that Love is transmuted, stirred and emerges from among the ashes with the most beautiful “Feelings and Emotions from Heart to Heart”.


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